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Brompton Electric

All the benefits of Brompton boosted with smart electric technology developed with Williams Advanced Engineering.

Compact, portable and built to last.


Brompton Electric isn't available in Indonesia. Browse bikes available in your region.

Electric C Line Urban


The 2-speed model. A simpler setup that's lower in weight and easier to carry.

Powered by Formula E Technology with Smart Pedal Assist. For leisurely commuting and city cruising.


Coming soon

Electric C Line Explore


The 6-gear folding bike, powered by Formula E Technology. Goes the distance with a full range of gears and Smart Pedal Assist.

Nothing Folds Like a Brompton Electric


All the benefits of an e-bike, packing into the original 3-part fold. It takes around 20-seconds to transform your bike into a small compact package (585mm high x 565mm long x 270mm wide) that you can tow, stow and carry anywhere.

Rush-hour trains, underground, overground, on boats or in car boots. No need to leave it outside. Just enjoy the ride.

Charge Anywhere


No need to awkwardly position your bike near a power point. Remove the lightweight (2.2kg) battery pack bag with one quick click. Carry it and plug it in wherever suits.

Fully charge in 4 hours (reduce to just 2 with the Fast Charger), or boost for less if you're short on time.

Small Pack, Big Power


The lightweight 2.2kg package powers your ride with a 300wh lithium-ion battery. And it has an integrated USB port for charging your phone on the go.

Motor On


Developed with experts at Williams Advanced Engineering, the integrated 250w hub motor utilises Formula E racing car technology to deliver performance and portability.

The compact design packs in the power while maintaining the Brompton's famously small folding dimensions so you can take it with you.

Choose the Way You Move


Smart sensor, pedal-assist technology knows when to kick in. Have it on some of the time, all of the time, on hills or flats. Choose your preferences at set up or change as you go.

Travel up to 15.5mph over a 25-50 mile range*.

No sweat.

Made to Be Electric


Every Brompton Electric is holistically designed, developed, and rigorously tested to perform – safely. Critical mechanical and frame parts are reinforced to withstand the different forces electric power brings.

The added torque sensor in the bottom bracket gives a smooth, stable and more efficient ride.