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Brompton x CHPT3

It's been five years since the collaboration began yet it feels like the story is just beginning. This is Brompton x CHPT3, the third chapter.

The Brompton design team worked closely with David to put together an aesthetic that would awaken committed cyclists, from their varying factions, to think about Brompton in a new light. The creativity and simple joy of cycling through city streets for the enjoyment of the ride, not just the purpose and practicality of arriving, captured all in one bike.

Made for speed; the bike has been designed with a stripped back look; no mudguards or front luggage. Attention to detail with a unique range of components; premium grips, saddle, hinge clamps and rear frame clip. Never forgetting to keep everything lightweight; black titanium rear frame and forks, Schwalbe One tanwall tyres. A performance Brompton for the city.

The look is completed with the Barrivell print; a graphical element has been added to the frame, it is a symbol created to represent Girona, the home of CHPT3. Its center is an ancient warren of alleys that weave between buildings built onto a hillside nearly a thousand years ago, it feels like a labyrinth of stairs and arches and is called the Barrivell, translated from Catalan this means the old neighbourhood.


Our Barrivell symbol, with its abstraction of stairs and arch, is a lasting memory of Girona.

Each bike comes with a limited-edition Brompton-CHPT3 Sling Bag. A first for both brands, the idea was inspired by two things:


The way David uses his Brompton CHPT3 – moving fast around town – he wanted a bag that could be used on and off the bike and could carry the bare essentials for a working day, with the capacity to hold a 13" laptop computer.


The second inspiration was David's travelling around Asia and seeing the multitude of different styles of sling bags so commonly used in cities: they looked modern and technical rather than classic and traditional. The bag can also be purchased separately.