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Issues Connecting your Brompton electric App?

If you are having issues connecting the App to your Brompton Electric, you can follow a few simple steps:

Ensure you are within 2 metres of your Brompton Electric

Make sure you are within 2m of the bike to ensure a good, strong and reliable Bluetooth connection.

Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone

Many phones have many different Bluetooth configurations and settings. Make sure that your phone's Bluetooth is on, discoverable and that your phone is looking for Bluetooth devices. If you are using an Android phone, make sure you have given the Brompton Electric app permission to access your location data while using the app. This is required for the Bluetooth connection to work. Your location is not being tracked or saved by Brompton

Check that your battery is securely fitted to the front carrier block


Turn the battery on
Turn the battery on
Make sure you have your Brompton Electric battery turned on

A good way of checking this is to change light or assistance modes. If this doesn’t work, there may be a connection issue between the battery and the front carrier block.

One device per bike at a time
One device per bike at a time
Has your Brompton Electric been paired to another mobile device?

Has your Brompton Electric been paired to another mobile device that is in close proximity? If so, move the device out of the range to stop interference. Only one bike can be connected to any one phone at a time.

Ensure that the serial number in the app is correct.

Ensure that the Brompton Electric bicycle serial number displayed in the app matches the serial number of the bike you are trying to connect to.


Still Having Issues?

If you have followed the above steps and are still having connectivity issues, our Customer Service team are here to help. 

Pemeliharaan Sepeda dan Tanya Jawab

Kami menyediakan banyak pilihan informasi di bagian Pemeliharaan Sepeda dan Tanya Jawab yang akan menjawab sebagian besar pertanyaan.

Pemeliharaan Sepeda: Beragam video untuk membantu Anda dalam hal penyiapan, pemeliharaan, dan servis Brompton Anda

Tanya Jawab Umum: Jawaban atas pertanyaan umum

Obrolan Langsung - Tanggapan Tercepat

Ini adalah cara tercepat untuk mendapatkan tanggapan. 

Agen kami siap membantu dari hari Senin hingga Sabtu, pukul 08.30 hingga 17.00 GMT.

Klik ikon di kanan bawah peramban untuk memulai obrolan.

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